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 Storytime w/ X3rangax3: Me and my friend's sister

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PostSubject: Storytime w/ X3rangax3: Me and my friend's sister   Sat Dec 18, 2010 8:26 pm

When I was around 13, I used to hang out with a friend named Matt. At that time I didn’t know much about sexual stuff; in fact I had never even masturbated. However, I was really horny all the time and had a strong interest to see people naked. My only friends were guys so there were no girls I could try anything with. This situation changed once I started spending more time at Matt’s house.

Matt had a sister named Kelly. She was 11 at that time I think, and she was remarkably attractive. Brown, wavy hair, a perfectly smooth face, and her body was skinny but not anorexic. Her most striking feature was her eyes; they were so big and blue. It gave her an extremely innocent appearance. Matt and I would swim a lot and sometimes she would join in. I started asking to swim at Matt’s place just so I could see Kelly in a bikini. She would always wear this red bikini that was pretty revealing for how young she was. She had just started to grow breasts and they fit just perfectly into that bikini of hers.

After swimming, we would all sunbathe on our towels and Matt and I would talk. But while Matt’s eyes were closed I would just stare at Kelly, her almost naked body sitting a couple feet beside me, still wet from the water, glistening in the sunlight. She was pretty quiet around us, not like one of those annoying, bratty little sisters. I wanted to see her body without that bikini. I knew very little about girls’ bodies; I had seen naked girls on the internet, but I wanted to see Kelly’s vagina and touch it so badly. I knew that I had to find a way to make it happen.

The chance came when Matt and I were hanging out and watching tv after swimming. His parents had to leave to a parent-teacher meeting or something and it was Matt, me, and Kelly left in the house. I suggested hide and go seek to Matt, since we had the whole house to ourselves. Matt agreed. We called Kelly over and asked her. She was still only in her bikini after the swim. She said “sure, whatever you guys want to do” and smiled. For some reason that made me start feeling erotic.

Matt was picked to seek first so Kelly and I went to hide. We had 60 seconds to find a spot. We both ran upstairs and began looking for a good spot. I couldn’t find a decent place and time was running out. I saw Kelly run into her parents’ room and followed her, hoping for a spot there. She went into her parents’ closet. At that point it hit me. This was my chance to get closer to her. I couldn’t let the opportunity pass. I followed her in the closet. Her parents’ closet was one of those huge walk in closets with a million nooks and crannies. We hid in this really great spot behind her dad’s suits which was pretty much impossible to see from the middle of the closet.

“What are you doing in my spot?” Kelly seethed, trying not to talk too loudly because the time was almost up for Matt to start looking. “Shhhhh” I whispered and gave her a mischievous face, like the joke was on Matt or something. She giggled as if she understood and nodded. At this point, we were extremely close. Our sides were touching and our breath was against the suit jackets, so we could feel each other exhaling. Our hearts were still pounding from looking for a spot in time, and mine was pounding extra hard from feeling horny as hell. It was dark but as my eyes adjusted I could see Kelly’s huge eyes staring back at me. They had a slight glimmer or glow in the darkness.

I moved as if to adjust my position and let my hand touch her chest. I immediately pulled my hand back as if it was an accident and whispered “sorry!” “It’s ok!” she whispered back, smiling. At this point I realized she hadn’t stopped staring at me this whole time. My penis started going erect and I thought to myself “Why is she staring at me? Is she as curious as I am? Should I make a move? What should I do? I can’t let this moment pass me by!” These desperate thoughts were suddenly broken by her voice. “Hey… Can I see your penis?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. It came out of nowhere. She was still smiling at me, looking so innocent. But she had asked me. I had to say something. “Y-y-you want to see my penis?” I stuttered, trying to smile like it was a joke, just in case it was just a joke. I felt like I couldn’t commit to believing this moment was happening, but I was so hard and horny I had to act. I grabbed my zipper (I had changed into shorts after swimming) to signify that I would do it. She nodded and looked down. I slowly pulled down my shorts. It was just my boxers and she would be the first person since like 5 years old to see my penis. I slowly pulled down my boxers. I couldn’t even look at my own penis I was so nervous. I just looked at Kelly to see her reaction. Her eyes widened, which seemed impossible since they were already so big. She still had that smile going, and all she said was, “Wow!” She looked up at my face.

I felt so nervous and horny my penis felt like it was going to explode. I was so uncomfortable. I became extremely conscious of the sides of our bodies touching, so hot and sweaty in that tiny space. Before I could say anything though, she put her hand on my penis. It wasn’t a grab like you would if you were going to jerk someone off, it was a gentle stroke, like that of someone who had never felt a penis before and wanted to feel the grooves and veins for the first time.

At this moment, we heard Matt run into his parents’ room. He was searching for us. I tried to pull up my boxers but it was too late, he was already in the closet. I froze, not wanting to make any noise that would reveal us. If Matt found us, he would see me with my pants pulled down and his sister. I felt a rush of shame come over my body. I knew this moment was too good to be true. I was about to be in a lot of trouble. I heard Matt slowly walking around the closet, kneeling to look under the clothes. Time ticked by slowly. He walked up to around spot, kneeled down, and got back up. He hesitated, but finally turned around.

He kept looking on the other side of the closet. He wasn’t able to see us in that particular position! He then ran out. My body relaxed. At this moment I realized I had been grasping Kelly’s hand very tightly. I let go and breathed out a sigh of relief. Kelly giggled softly and I became aware of how tensed up I had been. I smiled at her. But my shorts were still pulled down with my penis erect for her to see and I was uncomfortable. “L-L-Let me see your breasts,” I whispered. “Nooo” she whispered back, which kind of surprised me. “Why not?” I asked. “You can’t see my privates,” she responded. “But you can see mine! It’s only fair….” She thought about it for a moment. My heart sank, again afraid that this event was about to end. “Ok fine, but don’t tell my mom and dad about it.” I breathed a sigh of relief.

She started undoing her bikini top. It slowly came down to reveal two small but formed breasts. Her breasts seemed so bright in that dark closet, maybe because the rest of her body was tan from swimming, maybe because I was so excited to see them. They were so perfectly rounded and smooth. She finally started looking as nervous as me, fearing the unknown of what would happen next. You would think at this point that I would grab her breasts, but for some reason I grabbed her leg. I think it was because of the closeness of that closet, I needed some leverage to turn my body and touch her. As I grabbed her leg, she tensed up her body and her breasts wobbled a little. She had this look on her face, sort of between surprise and pleasure. I didn’t understand the look on her face at the time, but later I realized it was a “that fucking turns me on” face. Neither of us were nervous anymore. We both wanted to see what happened next.

I turned my body and touched her breast with my other hand. It was so soft and squishy, unlike any part of my own body. My penis was touching her thigh at this point. The closeness of the quarters felt overwhelming as I had never been so close, both physically and emotionally, to someone before. I finally was feeling confident, and I moved in for a kiss. It was hard to position ourselves in that closet so there was a little shuffling, but I was able to start kissing her. Her lips were unbelievably tender. I was still cupping one of her breasts as I made out with her. The air was so hot at this point that our faces were sweating all over the place. I felt her sweat drip into my mouth as I kissed her.

I realized my eyes were closed and I opened them to see Kelly’s incredible big eyes looking back. Her face was so smooth and innocent looking. I can’t overemphasize how innocent her face looked at that moment. She grabbed my penis as I was kissing her and held it downwards towards my feet. If you are a guy, you know that when your penis is held downwards it feels even more tense than usual. I was in pure ecstasy. Without thinking twice about it, I started pulling down Kelly’s bikini bottom. She took her hand off my penis and grabbed my hand as if to resist it. But instead, she moved it to the other side of her bottom and helped me pull it to her knees.

I took my lips off hers to take a look at her vagina. Despite her small but formed breasts, she still had no pubic hair. It looked so smooth and beautiful between her skinny legs. I looked from her vagina to her face and back, as if trying to see her face and her vagina at the same time in those small quarters. I was in disbelief that I was seeing the intimate body parts of a face I had seen so many times. I took my index finger and placed it on her belly button. Kelly whimpered very quietly and tensed up a little, just like she did when I touched her leg. I slowly brought my finger down her abdomen, down to her clit. I continued down, like swiping a credit card on her vagina. I did it too roughly though, at least too roughly for a girl as innocent as Kelly.

She gasped loudly and spasmed, kicking a box in front of her. I heard Matt yelling from downstairs “HEY I HEARD YOU! I KNOW WHERE YOU ARE!” Kelly and I immediately rushed to put our clothes back on. My shorts and Kelly’s bottom were no problem, but her top had no chance of being re-tied before Matt found us. Kelly put it on her breasts and held the strings in back as Matt rushed in. “Found ya! I knew you were in here!” he exclaimed. I was worried that Matt would be suspecting some kind of funny business at this point as we were hiding in the same spot. As we walked out Matt looked back in a sort of confused way. “Hey Kelly, why is your bikini falling off?” Kelly looked at him with her innocent face and said, “I don’t know, I think one of dad’s suits snagged it…” Matt shrugged and began walking out of the closet. I breathed a sigh of relief. Kelly and I smiled at each other. We both knew that it wouldn’t be the last time.

About a week later Matt, Kelly, and I walked down to a park near their house. This wasn’t one of those parks with just a swing set and some grass; it was this huge wildlife park a few square miles in size with trees, creeks, hills, running paths, and some playgrounds too. We liked to walk down the creeks and cross over on rocks and branches without touching the water. It was kind of a game we would play while we were talking about stuff. While we were doing this, I had a hard time focusing on talking though. I couldn’t stop thinking about last week’s hide-and-go-seek game. I again found myself contemplating ways to get Matt away so Kelly and I could have some alone time.

On this day Kelly was wearing pink short shorts, matching pink tennis shoes, and this short white tank top that left some of her belly exposed. As I walked behind her I couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful firm butt. When she jumped from rock to rock, her checks just barely showed below her short shorts. And my god, when she walked I could see her butt muscles flexing back and forth underneath her shorts. It was unbelievably hot, especially when you considered her age. Not many girls that age are skinny but have firm butts. The slower she walked, the more dramatic her butt muscles looked as they slowly switched from left flexed to right flexed. I guess I had never really noticed butt muscles do that before.

As I was mesmerized by Kelly’s butt cheeks, Matt suddenly exclaimed “Dude! Are you even listening to me? Wasn’t it funny that time when we took Robert’s shoes in class?” My daydreams shattered, I turned to Matt and without thinking pushed him into the creek. Matt splashed into the water, the nearby fishes darting away from him. Kelly turned around, confused as to what happened. Matt got up, seething in anger. “Why the hell did you do that? Now I have to go home and change my clothes you jerk!” He started walking towards me as if he was going to pull me in with him. I couldn’t let him ruin this opportunity. “RUN!” I yelled to Kelly. We both took off downstream, leaving Matt to walk home by himself. Kelly and I were laughing as we ran. Matt didn’t even try to follow us.

After a couple hundred feet, we slowed, breathing heavily but still giggling. “Let’s go explore this forest now that we got rid of Matt,” I suggested. “OK sure!” said Kelly. We walked into the expanse of trees, leaves crunching beneath our feet. There weren’t any plants really, just huge tall trees that left the whole area in shade. It gave the area a sort of mystical feel, only broken by the occasional concrete running paths which snaked through the park. After a couple minutes of walking, I stopped and exclaimed to Kelly, “Hey, now that Matt is gone, I know a fun game we can play!”

“What game?” Kelly asked, a curious look on her face. I explained, “It’s a game you have probably never played. What we do is take turns and one person runs to a place naked then runs back.” At this point Kelly made a small grin. I continued, “On the other player’s turn, you have to run past that place and run back. Whoever runs the farthest without chickening out wins.” It wasn’t all that great of a game, but it was all my horny 13 year old self could think of to get Kelly’s clothes off.

To my satisfaction, Kelly replied “OK, sounds fun! But you first.” She laughed, her eyes seeming to twinkle in anticipation. I began to take my clothes off. Remember that although this park was large and sparsely populated, you would see other people walking past around once every 10 minutes or so at that location, so the game was actually pretty nerve-racking and risky. But the risk of being seen only made me hornier. As I took off my clothes, Kelly giggled “Your penis is standing up again.” I pretended to be shy and put my hands over it. I felt a breeze passing through the trees. As I took my socks and shoes off, I wiggled my toes on the ground. The leaves felt strange beneath my bare feet. My penis was completely throbbing at this point, and I kept my hands over it. I ran to the nearest tree in front of me, about 15 feet away (the trees were very tall and far apart) and ran back. “Your turn!” I exclaimed as I struggled to pull my shorts back on.

Kelly looked embarrassed, like I hadn’t seen her naked before. She turned away from me and leaned over to untie her shoe laces. Her butt stuck upwards firmly, like it was begging for me to grab it, to spank it, to do something to it. But I resisted and was soon after rewarded by her shorts and underwear sliding quickly down her legs. Her naked butt was right in front of me, firm, smooth, and incredibly toned for her age. I marveled at its perfection. It seemed to me that her butt was made to be held and touched. She pulled her shirt and bra off to reveal her bare back. As she pulled her bra off, her back arched back, just barely revealing the side of one of her small breasts. The figure of this young naked girl sent chills down my spine and up my penis. She was so beautiful, perfect in form.

This was the way that people should live, pure and naked in nature, I thought. Why don’t people walk around like this every day, so we can marvel at the perfection of the female form? Again, I felt in pure ecstasy. Kelly began to run to a tree around 30 feet down. Her butt flexed tightly as she ran, her skinny legs scattering the leaves underneath. She made no attempt to hide her private parts as I did, and as I ran back her full form was visible for me to see. Her small breasts just barely bounced up and down. Her cheeks were red, partially from running, partially from being naked. And her eyes were so big and blue, twinkling by the scattered glimmers of light through the trees. Then suddenly, she was next to me, yanking her shorts up and grabbing her bra off the ground. “Your turn!”

I again began pulling my shorts off. I had abandoned trying to put my socks and shoes back on so it was much quicker this time. Again, my erect penis was bare for her to see. I began running to a far tree, maybe a hundred feet away. I held my penis as I ran because it was kind of bouncing up and down, and it felt good to hold it. When I was almost at the tree, suddenly the quietness was broken. From around a hill I heard a cracking, like someone was walking over some branches.

A sudden wave of fear swept over my body. The simultaneous horniness and fear had a profound effect on me. This may seem unbelievable, but I swear to you that at this moment I let go of my penis and at that exact instant I came. My ejaculate shot off, pattering onto the leaves. I felt a hot liquid flowing down my penis. This was the first time I had ever ejaculated in my life and I felt incredibly disoriented and confused. I looked at the area where I had heard the noise and no one was there. I immediately ran back toward Kelly, half trying to hide my penis and the cum dripping off it. As I approached her, Kelly looked confused. “What happened? Why… what is that on your penis?” I shamefully let her see. “I think I ejaculated,” I said. “What’s that mean?” she asked. “When a guy feels really sexual, he ejaculates. I-I-I never felt this sexual before…” I stuttered. I started wiping my ejaculate off with some leaves. Kelly still looked confused. “It usually happens from sex I think,” I said, trying to reassure both her and myself. Kelly looked like she understood. “Oh,” she began, “I guess that means you really like me, huh?” She stared at me with her big eyes, waiting for a response. My penis had softened a little by this time, but as she said that I started getting hard again

At this point, words were beyond me. I knew I had to have this amazing girl. I grabbed her by the shoulders and began kissing her. She hesitated for a moment, then put her arms around me and started kissing back. Remembering that I was completely naked and next to a running path however, so I stopped after a moment. “Hey, let’s walk down that hill over there. It’s more private…” I said. Kelly nodded in understanding. I quickly put my shirt and shorts on and grabbed my socks and shoes. I knew there was no point in putting them back on. We walked down the hill to an area away from any path. It was still beneath the trees and the leaves felt like a blanket beneath my feet.

At the bottom of the hill, Kelly stopped and looked at me anticipating what was to happen next. I whipped off my shirt and began kissing Kelly again. I started pulling her shirt off and she raised her arms so that I could yank it off. As I kissed her warm, wet lips, I put my hands on her back. I remembered those incredible, firm butt cheeks and slid my hands under her shorts and underwear to grab them. Kelly’s body responded by pushing into my body, her crotch right against mine. I squeezed her butt and continued making out with her. Her butt was so soft and round and felt incredible in my hands. I pulled her shorts and underwear off, still with my lips against hers. She pulled on her own bra, so hard that the middle snapped. We both giggled but didn’t stop kissing as the bra fell to the floor.

I pulled my shorts and underwear off, almost tripping over in the process. We were now both completely naked. I pushed my penis against her bare body. It felt so hot pressed against her and me at the same time. I again moved to grab her butt, this time from the bottom of her cheeks, but one of my fingers accidentally slid between her legs. She jumped a little. “Oops! I’m so sorry,” was all I could think to say. “No,” she replied, “that felt good.”

I hesitated for a second, then moved my hand to the front of Kelly’s body. Kelly wasn’t watching my hand though; she was just staring into my eyes, waiting for me to touch her. I put my middle finger on her clit and began rubbing. Kelly’s cheeks got even redder, and she feebly responded, “Oh… oh!!! That feels so good.” Her body looked hard, and her nipples were pointing out at me. I started rubbing her crotch with my whole hand. She brought her hand down to mine and grabbed it. Her fingers were so small compared to mine. She pulled my hand up to her clit and started pushing my fingers around. “like this feels good,” she said, still looking into my eyes. I looked back down and moved my hand with hers, up and down. Her body moved back and forth with my hand just slightly. It was just barely noticeable, but it made her seem even hotter

I became aware of the leaves rustling with a small wind. I couldn’t believe that I was outside, in nature, naked, with my hand on a girl’s vagina, looking into this beautiful girl’s eyes. It was a profound moment. And just as I thought that, Kelly said, “I can do you for a little, too.”

Kelly looked down at my penis. She grabbed it, not softly like in her parents’ closet this time, but firmly like to tug it. She slowly started pulling on it, but it felt good and bad at the same time. It felt like she was tugging my skin too much. It was because I was circumcised, although at the time I was so naïve I didn’t even know it. “Stop, stop. I don’t think that’s how you do it. I think you are supposed to suck on it,” I said. Kelly looked a little uncomfortable. “I don’t know…” she said, clearly not wanting to put a penis in her mouth. We looked at each other uneasily for a few seconds. In my horniness I felt a surge of confidence. “Trust me,” I said, then I smiled. Kelly slowly smiled back. “Ok,” she said. She went down on her knees. I could just barely see her vagina between her legs. She hesitantly stuck her tongue out and moved towards my penis. She licked the head of my penis and moved her head back. She made a face and said, “it tastes weird.” She probably had licked up some of the ejaculate I had failed to completely wipe off my penis. But before I could try to reassure her, she seemed to accept the taste and she moved back in.

Her lips closed onto my penis. I could feel her hot breath surround it. Her tongue was exploring the veins on the bottom. She slowly moved her head forward, then back. My penis felt wet but so warm and cozy inside her mouth. I could feel her saliva glands squirting spit into her mouth. She began moving faster, at some points sucking, but mostly moving her mouth back and forth. I felt hot flashes shoot through my body. My penis had started throbbing again. A few moments passed and Kelly took a break from sucking. She seemed a little out of breath. I noticed at this point that her hand had been massaging her clit while she had been sucking. I knew she wanted me to satisfy her more. “Let’s have sex now. Like the real thing this time,” I said.

Kelly asked, “How do we do that?” “Well, basically, I put my penis inside your privates,” I responded. She looked confused. “It will fit??” She made a doubtful face. “Yea, let me show you,” I said. Although I was pretty naïve on sex, I had taken sex ed so I was kind of confident that what I was about to do would work. “Lay down,” I said. Kelly slowly laid down on her back. I went down to my knees. The leaves were soft beneath my knees. I took my middle finger and pushed softly on her clit. Kelly looked down at her crotch, trying to see what I was doing. I moved my finger down her vagina slowly, and suddenly it slipped down a hole. Kelly didn’t tense up or flinch this time, she continued looking down curiously.

I pushed my finger in only around a knuckle’s worth then pulled it back out. “See, it will work,” I said. Kelly nodded. “Ok, let’s do it,” she said with a mischievous look on her face. I leaned down over her, adjusting so that my penis was in place between her legs. “Ready?” I asked. She nodded. I pushed my penis in slowly between the lips of her vagina. Her vagina seemed to contour to my penis, hugging it tightly. I pushed in deeper, trying to get the entirety of my penis’s head in. I felt a little resistance and Kelly, twitched. She had a look of pain on her face. “What’s wrong?” I asked. She shook her head and said, “Keep going.” I pushed harder and wiggled a little, trying to get my penis in. Suddenly I found the perfect angle and pushed through. Kelly let out a whimper. I was worried that I had hurt her, but she said, “it’s good…push it in more”.

I pushed my penis all the way inside of her. Unlike her mouth, Kelly’s vagina was tight on my penis. It felt incredible. I pulled out, then pushed slowly back in. Kelly was looking into my eyes, her mouth open. I thrusted again. Kelly gasped, but this time I knew it was out of happiness. I started pushing faster. My penis was throbbing, and Kelly’s vagina was throbbing back. Her breasts were pointy and firm as I moved up and down. She was unbelievably wet inside. As I thrusted I could feel liquid dripping out of her vagina. Kelly was trying to stay quiet so that no one around would hear but she let little whimpers out every time I thrusted. My voice wasn’t that deep yet but I grunted as best as I could in response. I became aware of the sharp contrast between our body heat and the cool shade we were in. It made me feel like I was even hotter, and I began sweating. Everything was so wet and my hands were slipping in the leaves, but I kept thrusting. Kelly’s face was beyond incredible

I fucked her so hard that tears started coming out of her eyes. Everything was dripping wet. As I looked into her teary eyes, big and deliriously blissful, I felt myself cumming. I felt my penis pulsate against the wall of Kelly’s vagina as I ejaculated deep inside of her. I held my penis there at that point, believing that the moment would never end. I could feel my penis continue to shoot out my ejaculate, again and again. Kelly’s body was so hard, so stimulated. Her vagina was grasping my penis like we would never be separated. Finally, it ended. I stopped cumming. I realized how hard we were both breathing. I felt the wind chilling my sweaty skin. I was slowly thrusting at this point, trying to stay in ecstasy but coming back to reality. Kelly had her mouth open up to this point but now she closed it and smiled, “holy….holy….shit!” She said, giggling softly. Her giggles ran all the way down her body. She continued to breathe hard. I thrusted more and more slowly, finally pulling out entirely. I waited a second to catch my breath and I sat up. At this moment the sun must have come out from behind some clouds because sunlight began to shine brightly through the leaves above. I looked up in the sky. All was good. I looked down at Kelly’s naked figure. She threw her hands outwards onto the ground. She looked like an angel, perfect in every way. I had just had sex with a girl. And it was the fucking bomb. The greatest feeling I could have ever possibly imagined. I was still staring at Kelly, face, her perfect breasts, her perfect body. We were both so young. But I knew with all my heart that I loved this girl.

We looked at each other for a moment then gathered our things and walked to the creek to wash up. As we were standing at the creek I turned to Kelly and said “Kelly, you are the most amazing girl I have ever met.” She looked back with those incredible blue eyes and replied, “You are the most incredible guy I’ve ever met. I love you… But there’s one more thing I have to tell you. You’re moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air.” I begged and pleaded with her day after day. But she packed my suitcase and sent me on my way. She gave me a kiss and then she gave me my ticket. I put my walkman on and said, 'I might as well kick it'. First class, yo this is bad. Drinking orange juice out of a champagne glass. Is this what the people of Bel-Air living like? Hmmmmm this might be alright.
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PostSubject: Re: Storytime w/ X3rangax3: Me and my friend's sister   Sun Dec 19, 2010 2:55 am

was kinda long and i dint really like the ending makes no sence 0.0
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PostSubject: Re: Storytime w/ X3rangax3: Me and my friend's sister   Sun Dec 19, 2010 1:19 pm

Wus hot
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PostSubject: Re: Storytime w/ X3rangax3: Me and my friend's sister   Sun Dec 19, 2010 2:53 pm

The end was fuckin legit! Cute story, hit it b4 the hair does

edit: your a guest corey? Lolol
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PostSubject: Re: Storytime w/ X3rangax3: Me and my friend's sister   

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Storytime w/ X3rangax3: Me and my friend's sister
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