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 Spec's Intro

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Spec U 2 0hp

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PostSubject: Spec's Intro   Sat May 15, 2010 4:56 pm

Sup I'm Jamal, I'm 16, Black, and i live in NC.

I'm a sophomore in high school

I like to play games, chill with friends, play sports and all that other shit.

I've been playing Rs for like 3-4 years on many accounts lol, but mostly pures. I like to pk and make cash.

I play football and basketball.

To let you guys no I'm not gonna make an app until i have the req i just mad an intro for now so that i can talk and forums and stuff until i get my stats up.

That's about it.

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PostSubject: Re: Spec's Intro   Sat May 15, 2010 5:32 pm

Hey wats up? Welcome to our community, feel free to post anywhere u want we love to have guests.

Hope u do get the stats to join. Smile

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Spec's Intro
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