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 Jagex mods fail lol (first time a J Mod says sorry?)

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PostSubject: Jagex mods fail lol (first time a J Mod says sorry?)   Sat Dec 12, 2009 1:06 am

Jagex mods suck.
This is the story and y i took the pic.
Ok so the new mobolising armys mini game came out, and the game came with a bunch of glitches. The glitch included that if u logged out while in the tutorial u would lose watever is in your inventory. Well Exile (the person the mod is saying sorry to) lost 350m cash cause she didnt know about the glitch. Well this J Mod accused Exile of faking the loss of her money to get free money off the glitch because Exile posted on forums about this glitch and then the J Mod basicly said you didnt have 350m; "I know more about your account than you do." So basicly i took this pic because the J Mod found out Exile really did lose 350m and this is him saying sorry. First time every a J Mod says sorry ftw?

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Jagex mods fail lol (first time a J Mod says sorry?)
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